Our Store Is Open By Appointment Only

Our Store Is Open By Appointment Only

Library Wall Bed - Cropped

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Shop our wide selection of murphy wall beds available at our Campbell showroom. We have a large variety of modern murphy beds that come in vertical, horizontal, desk, and table variations. With countless styles, finishes, and additional piers & cabinets, learn how our wall beds can give your room a dual function!

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See our selection of chest beds available at our Campbell showroom. These space-saving beds are modern, discrete, and can transform any spare room in your home into a stylish and functional bedroom space. Offered in various styles and finishes, these chest beds are a perfect solution for your space saving needs. 

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Wall Beds Are The Best For Space-Saving in Your Home!

Wall beds, also called wallbeds or murphy beds, are a stylish and versatile way for you to create a whole new room.  When you add a murphy bed to a home, you’re adding a bed without taking any space away! Essentially, when not in use the bed folds up into a beautiful piece of furniture that blends in seamlessly.

A Murphy Bed is a quick and easy way to add an extra bedroom with no renovations necessary! This way, you add more space without a remodel.

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Keystone Murphy Bed Open

Renovate Your Space With A Wall Bed

A wall bed, also known as a murphy bed (or wallbed) is an easy solution to make the most out of your home’s space. The addition of a murphy bed allows you to transform a room with no actual hammer or nail changes. In short, a wall bed is essentially a bed hidden inside a piece of furniture that can either be simply decorative or even functional! Add a wall beds to a room and suddenly it has multiple functions. Within seconds, your space can go from a playroom, home office, gym, to a bedroom, guest suite, or master suite!

Murphy beds are great for apartments and homes looking to maximize their space! We have a wide variety of wall beds that will fit with any budget and any home. Don’t waste time looking at renovation prices or remodels, you can change your home ASAP!

Murphy Beds Can Optimize Space in The Blink of An Eye

Now you can create more space in your home without renovating…with a murphy bed! Turn any room into a multifunctional room: add a bed that stands as a bookcase to your living room, a home office, a craft room, a home gym and more. 

Library Murphy Bed with Accessories and Side Piers

Home Office

At Wallbeds n More, our murphy beds work perfectly for home office spaces. Our dual function wall beds either have a desk, bookcase or table for daytime use.

Library Murphy Bed Half Open with wall bed folded

In Law Unit, AirBnb, ADU

Our murphy beds work great for apartments, homes, or buildings with smaller square footage. You can easily make the most of each room within seconds!

Library Murphy Bed at Wall Beds n More in the Silicon Valley

Spare Guest Room

Spare guest rooms no longer have to have a dedicated space in your home! With a wall bed, you can fold up the bedding immediately after your guests leave. 

The Wallbeds n More Difference

We can garauntee that our wall beds and murphy beds are made out of the highest quality materials. Our beds are built to last and be a permanent new feature in your home. From start to finish, our process ensures you are receiving the best product possible. 

Real Wood Materials

Local Delivery & Setup

Made in California

Frequently Asked Wall Bed Questions

Why Choose Wallbeds N More Campbell?

We have 15 plus years in the Wallbed Business. We understand what the customer needs and have a wall bed for all types of budgets. In addition, most of wall beds are made to order which means our customers get a custom piece of furniture made to fit their needs. We only sell the highest quality of products and ensure their longevity.

Do You Offer Installations and Delivery?

Yes! We can deliver your wallbed hassle free.

Are Wall Beds comfortable?

Yes! You can see our wide variety of mattress selections here.

Can I use my own mattress?

Absolutely! as long as the mattress is 11 inches thick or under.

Can I close my Murphy Bed with  the bedding and pillows in place?

Yes! Murphy Bed can be completely made at all times with sheets, blankets, and pillows whether it is folded up or open. That way, it is ready for you or your guests at all times!

What types of wood do you use?

Our murphy beds are made with furniture-grade plywood in Birch, Alder, and Oak


Our Murphy Beds Hide In Plain Site

No matter the size of your home, if you are looking to transform your room from a home office to guest suite, play room to spare bedroom, or more, we have the solution! Our wall beds are designed to be stylish and functional. When you walk into the room, you’d never guess a bed would be hidden in there!

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