The holiday season is right around the corner! You may already be thinking about how to make the most of your space for guests, especially if you’re expecting friends and family from out of town. One of the smartest solutions to optimize your home’s functionality is a Murphy bed, and Wallbeds “n” More in Campbell, California, can help with an incredible selection of Murphy beds in all sizes. Whatever size you’re looking for in wall beds—queen size, full size, or twin size—and whether you want your wall beds horizontal or vertical, we’ve got you covered!


Create the Perfect Murphy Bed Guest Room Office

Are you among the countless individuals who’ve transformed their guest rooms into makeshift home offices over the past few years? If so, you’ve likely experienced the challenge of accommodating overnight guests while preserving your peaceful and organized workspace. A Murphy bed guest room office offers an ingenious solution by allowing you to seamlessly switch between a cozy bedroom for visitors and a functional office for yourself. A Murphy bed guest room office can also double as a study area for teens or a space for children to do focused homework, crafts, or projects.


Why Start Your Holiday Home Prep Now?

  1. You Can Personalize Your Wall Bed’s Style 

Starting your search for a Murphy bed now means you’ll have ample time to plan your Murphy bed guest room office layout. You can personalize your space with Wallbeds “n” More’s vast selection of finishes, styles, hardware choices, and storage options. We can help you create a welcoming guest retreat during the holidays and a productive workspace during the rest of the year. 


  1. You’ll Avoid Last-Minute Stress 

The holiday season can get hectic, with shopping, wrapping, cooking, and decorating to manage. Don’t add the stress of last-minute home improvement projects to your list. Shopping for a Murphy bed well in advance helps increase the likelihood you have enough time for delivery, installation, and any unexpected adjustments. Since each Murphy bed furniture unit from Wallbeds “n” More isn’t made until you place your order, we need ample time to carefully build it, deliver it, and install it in your home. Once installed, you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday festivities with a fully functional and beautifully designed space, knowing everyone is comfortable.


  1. You Can Explore a Variety of Options 

Wallbeds “n” More in Campbell, California, offers a diverse range of Murphy beds to suit your needs. Whether you’re interested in queen size wall beds for extra comfort or horizontal wall beds to maximize your room’s dimensions, starting early allows you to explore different styles, finishes, and features. One of our most popular requests is for add-on piers such as bookshelves, drawers, and cabinets to help with organization and storage needs. You can work closely with our showroom experts to find the perfect Murphy bed that complements your existing decor and enhances your living space.


  1. You’ll Have Time to Plan for Home Renovations

If you’ve been considering home renovations or entire room makeovers, now is the ideal time to incorporate a Murphy bed into your design plans. Whether it’s a complete guest room transformation or a simple common area refresh, having your Murphy bed ready in advance ensures it integrates perfectly into your new space.


  1. You’ll Likely Secure the Best Deals

Starting your Murphy bed shopping early comes with one more advantage: the opportunity to snag the best deals and promotions! Many retailers offer special discounts and promotions in the months leading up to the holiday season. By getting out ahead of the crowd, you can take advantage of these cost-saving opportunities and get the most value for your investment. Ask us about our current Wallbeds “n” More deals and promotions when you come into the showroom!


Visit Us in Campbell, California, and Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Wall Bed

It’s definitely not too early to start shopping for a new Murphy bed from Wallbeds “n” More in Campbell, California. By starting early, you can create a versatile Murphy bed guest room office, avoid last-minute stress, and likely secure the best deals. Get ahead of the holiday rush and make this festive season the most comfortable and enjoyable one yet for both you and your guests. Call to schedule at our appointment only showroom today by dialing (408) 761-4732, and we’ll help you experience the convenience and joy of a well-designed space.