Living in a house with space restrictions can be tricky, especially if you enjoy the feeling of spaciousness. What you need in such a home is a Murphy bed. These wallbeds fold up and out of the way when not in use, hidden by a cabinet against the wall. 

A wallbed can be a comfortable bed by night and a lounging space, work station, or closed decorative cabinet by day. The most commendable wall bed retailer is Wallbeds n’ More Campbell. We have all the features that will meet what you need in a Murphy bed. 

Here are just a few reasons why we are your ideal choice when looking to easily add a wallbed to your home: 


Quality Products

At Wallbeds n’ More Campbell, our furniture is made of high-quality wood from trees like oak and alder. This type of furniture-grade wood produces an alluring, sophisticated finish. These hidden beds can also accommodate a high weight capacity without breaking. 

The wallbeds we offer have a robust lowering and raising mechanism. For this reason, you get reliable and durable Murphy beds by purchasing from Wallbeds n’ More Campbell. 


Multiple Options 

We have numerous options of wallbeds to choose from. First, you can select horizontal or vertical Murphy beds. You can decide to go for models such as the Dublin, Euro basic, Arlington, Jazz, or California wallbeds. 

We also have dual-functional wallbeds, chest beds, Murphy beds with desks, and tables. You can select the configuration that best meets your needs, based on your preferences and available space. 



You can select the furniture that fits your space and style at Wallbeds n’ More Campbell whether you are on a budget or have some dollars to spend. The prices of our different Murphy beds vary based on features like wardrobes, open shelves, drawers, and bed size. Note that we offer specials on some days. Take advantage of these discounts to save money if you are working with a budget. 


Delivery and Installation Services 

If you are worried about transporting a heavy bed from the shop to cities like San Jose, Mountain View, or Santa Clara, worry no more. At Wallbeds n’ More Campbell, we offer local delivery services to people living around these areas. Professional delivery services help save the new Murphy bed from damage during transportation and ensure a safe and secure installation. 


High Customer Service Values 

All our service providers are trained to offer excellent customer support to all persons coming to the showroom or contacting us through other means. When you visit the showroom, we guide you through while explaining the different options available. 

This ensures your final decision matches your preferences and requirements. You can ask us an array of questions for clarification. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations through our customer service values

Here’s what one of our customers published as a Google Review

“My fiancé and I did extensive research to find a wallbed that was just right for our space. When we found Wallbeds n More, we were really happy with the selection and the quality of wallbeds. Unlike competitors, there were no high-pressure sales tactics, the quality is excellent and made of solid wood, and I love that they’re built locally. The store manager, Shelly, was incredibly helpful, and she answered all of my many questions. We live in a condo with a narrow hallway with a tight turn, and I was nervous the wallbed wouldn’t fit through the hallway. She helped me through the process and even sent me videos of her wallbeds in her home that also has a narrow hallway and tight turns. She is very knowledgeable about all the wallbeds and is a joy to work with. The delivery and installation crew did a wonderful job installing the wallbed. We would highly recommend Wallbeds n More.” – Christina H. 


Lifetime Support

Your relationship with Wallbeds n’ More Campbell does not have to end after your wallbed is installed. Instead, we remain in touch if you require other services in the future. You can contact us when moving the wallbed to another location in the house, or a new home. We also offer warranties to cover different aspects of your furniture. 


Don’t Miss Out on These Benefits of Wallbeds N’ More, Campbell

When purchasing a wallbed, you want to ascertain that every dollar you pay is worth it. To find the best quality and prices on durable, modern Murphy beds, visit Wallbeds n’ More Campbell for the best experience in Silicon Valley. Make an appointment with us to start building your custom wallbed unit today!