Our Store Is Open By Appointment Only

Our Store Is Open By Appointment Only

Many people spend the months before the holiday season searching for the perfect homeware gift that combines functionality, style, and a space-saving solution. If you’re looking to surprise your family with a thoughtful and innovative present to revamp your home, consider the gift of a Murphy bed from Wall Beds n More in Campbell, California. Our friendly and helpful employees can clearly explain the advantages of wall beds and highlight the versatility of the wall beds desk combo, providing you with the ideal solution for maximizing space and comfort.

Discover Wall Beds n More

Wall Beds n More in Campbell, California, is your one-stop destination for high-quality, space-saving furniture. Specializing in wall beds and related products, we offer a wide range of options to suit all kinds of design preferences and room dimensions. From classic designs to modern styles, at Wall Beds n More we have the perfect solution for every space.

Wall Beds Desk Combo – A Perfect Fusion

One of the most sought after features we offer at our showroom is the innovative wall beds desk combo. This unique combination seamlessly integrates a comfortable bed with a functional desk, providing a dual-purpose solution for small spaces. The wall beds desk combo is perfect for home offices, guest rooms, or any area where space is at a premium.

Besides the desk itself, you can also combine our add-on piers which are available with shelves, bookcases, cabinets, and drawers to truly maximize your storage and display potential in any room in the home. With this incredibly versatile piece of furniture, you can transform almost any area from a productive workspace to a cozy bedroom in a matter of seconds.

Explore Wall Bed Dimensions

Understanding the dimensions of a wall bed is something that can’t be underestimated when selecting the perfect fit for your space. At Wall Beds n More, we offer a variety of sizes to accommodate different room configurations. Whether you need a twin, full, or queen-sized bed, you can most certainly find the right wall bed dimensions to suit your space requirements. This personalization ensures that your Murphy bed seamlessly integrates into your living space, providing maximum comfort and convenience without compromising on style.

Why Choose a Murphy Bed?

Murphy beds, which are sometimes also known as wall beds, have gained popularity for their handy ability to save space without sacrificing comfort. Perfect for studio apartments, guest rooms, accessory dwelling units, or multipurpose spaces, these beds can be easily folded up into a cabinet or wall, leaving you with valuable floor space during the day. Wall Beds n More takes this concept a step further with their wall beds desk combo, offering a smart and efficient solution for modern living.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

This holiday season, choose to surprise your loved ones with a gift that keeps on giving – a Murphy bed from Wall Beds n More. Whether you’re enhancing a home office, creating a welcoming guest room, or simply optimizing your existing living space, the wall beds desk combo is a thoughtful and practical present that will certainly be cherished for years to come.

Come Visit Our Showroom in Campbell!

Give the gift of comfort, style, and functionality this holiday season with a Murphy bed from Wall Beds n More in Campbell, California. Our wall beds desk combo, with its ingenious design and customizable dimensions, offers a truly unique solution to make the most of your living space. Visit our Wall Beds n More showroom today by making an appointment or call us at (408) 761-4732 to discover the ideal holiday gift that will undoubtedly enhance the space and lives of the people receiving it.