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Our Store Is Open By Appointment Only

One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for a better night’s sleep is to keep your bedroom clean and organized since a messy, cluttered space is not conducive for rest. While organizing your entire bedroom may seem overwhelming at first, tackling each corner one day at a time will have your room in tiptop shape in as little as one week. 

Usher in greater relaxation and peace in your everyday life by following these tips from Wallbeds n’ More Campbell for a calm sleeping space. 


Keep, Store, Give Away

Start the process of organizing your room by identifying the items you want to keep, items that should be kept elsewhere in your home, and those that should be given away or sold. Use the mantra “keep, store, give away” as you sort through each item in your bedroom. Decide whether it is useful and special enough for you to keep, to store elsewhere or for later use, or to give away to someone who might need it. 

Your “keep” items should be grouped with other items by style or function for easy access. Your “store” items could include things like ski pants, bathing suits, fancy dresses, and other seasonal attire that you only use a few times a year. Those seasonal or seldom-used items should be placed out of the way in protective storage containers. By doing this, these types of items don’t take up valuable space in your closet during the majority of the year when they are not in use. 

The “give away” items can be placed in bags and taken to a donation center such as Goodwill, sold at a yard sale, or rehomed using Facebook marketplace. Many donation centers also support specific causes like the American Cancer Society Discovery Shops, so you can double your impact for people in need by giving your gently used items to a place that supports a cause you care about. 


Organize Your Closet

The closet is a great place to start purging items to put in your “store” or “give away” piles. There are a variety of closet organization solutions – from shoe racks to over-the-door hooks for hanging jackets, to hangers with multiple prongs to organize ties, belts, and scarves. Consider adding a closet organizer with drawers, or if not in the budget, choose some canvas storage boxes or baskets to hold items like hats, gloves, purses, and t-shirts.


Clear Floor Space

It’s easy to let shoes pile up by the foot of the bed, but there are several things you can do to minimize clutter and mitigate the stress it causes. If you have a walk-in closet, shoe racks can elevate shoes off the ground. Keeping items off the ground minimizes the look of clutter and using a shoe rack helps you easily see each pair when choosing what to wear. 


Your Jewelry Collection

Jewelry can be an especially fun category to organize because many of the storage systems add both functionality and beauty to your home. Consider a carved or painted wooden jewelry box, delicate hooks hung from the wall to showcase beautiful necklaces, or decorative dishes for temporary storage of everyday jewelry like earrings or rings. 

Some closet organizers will come with a short drawer for storing items like socks, underwear, or other delicates, but these drawers are also excellent for storing small containers or dividers to keep jewelry from being tangled. 


Declutter the Floor

One idea is to have a “toss all“ basket outside of your bedroom door where you can leave things like tennis shoes, books, and items collected from the living room on your way to bed. Simply drop them in the basket by the door and put them away the next day so that your bedroom stays decluttered and your floor (and mind) stays clear. 


Neaten Your Nightstand

While open frame nightstands are trendy, we highly recommend a nightstand with at least one drawer or cabinet door to keep items out-of-sight and the nightstand itself looking tidy. Keep only items you use every evening on top of the nightstand such as a lamp, tissues, and your phone charger. 

A book or glass of water can also fit nicely, but make sure to pay attention and not let glasses and books pile up night after night. Every item that doesn’t have a “home” ends up adding to the feeling of clutter and uneasiness. 


Divide and Conquer

Dividing your room into areas or zones for specific purposes is a great way to keep it feeling peaceful and purposeful. Create a cozy reading nook with a small table, blanket and overstuffed chair, a make-up area with dressing table, mirror, and jewelry box, and a sleeping area with cozy rug, comfy bed, and nightstands. 

We recommend blackout curtains for the bedroom sleeping space along with an air filter or other white noise machine. An air filter is an especially good choice because it provides soft noise while simultaneously cleaning the air particles in your home. 


Choose Functional Furniture

Wallbeds n’ More in Campbell is your premier location for bringing function and style together in your furniture. Each Murphy wall bed can add functionality and beauty to your home and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. We offer many styles including: wallbeds with desks, wallbeds with cabinets, murphy beds with bookcases, and even hidden beds with wardrobes for rooms with limited closet space. 

Our Murphy bed sizes range from a twin to a queen wall bed, and we make sure you are exceedingly comfortable by allowing you to choose your own mattress and custom additions. At Wallbeds n’ More Campbell we will assist you with designing the perfect piece of wall bed furniture, whether you want to add built-in storage solutions like drawers, cupboards, and shelving, or add features to complement your design style and increase the functionality of your space. 


Visit Our Showroom Today

Our showroom is designed to allow you to not only see but try out our murphy wall bed models. Our experienced sales associates are happy to give you a tour of our showroom, introduce you to a variety of gorgeous wall beds, and help you customize your favorite design so that it complements the layout and organizational needs of your bedroom. 

Give us a call at (408) 761-4732 and visit us in our showroom by scheduling an appointment today! We can’t wait to get started on helping you transform a messy, cluttered bedroom into the stylish, functional, and relaxing space you’ve been dreaming about.