Our Store Is Open By Appointment Only

Our Store Is Open By Appointment Only

Storage solutions for any size space have never been easier with wall bedroom storage options from Wallbeds “n” More in Campbell, California! Our Campbell Wallbeds “n” More showroom serves San Jose to Monterey and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and offers a large selection of different Murphy beds to complement any style and fit any budget.

Our wall bedroom storage solutions make it easy to transform even a tiny space into a guest room that easily changes back into a functional living area the rest of the time. Check out all of the storage ideas we have to offer at Wallbeds “n” More Campbell, CA.


Wall Bedroom Storage Options for Dual Functionality


At Wallbeds “n” More in Campbell, we have a great deal of experience since our founder has been in the furniture industry for many years. We know that expert advice combined with excellent customer service makes our clients’ experiences optimal, and we can help you design a Murphy bed furniture unit that offers wall bedroom storage capacity in many different ways.


#1. Choose a wall bed with shelving.


When you choose a model like the California wall bed, you not only get a bed that pulls from the wall, but by adding side piers with shelving you also get a large storage capacity on the shelves themselves. If you have a particularly small space, you can add one pier with bookshelves. A larger space might warrant piers on both sides of the bed frame for enhanced storage capacity.


#2. Try a wall bed with a table.


Another way to enhance your bedroom storage capacity is not only to add shelving, but also to add a table bed and side piers with built-in drawers. If your space is extremely tiny like in a studio apartment or loft, you might want to combine your dining room table, bed, and dresser all in one by choosing a model like the Euro Table Bed. With this model, you can pull down the dining room table when you need it, have a comfortable bed when it’s time to sleep, and store clothing, books, office supplies, or other items on the shelves and inside the drawers.


 #3. Add a wardrobe or cabinets.


For enhanced wall bedroom storage options, especially if you have a room that lacks closet space, it’s a great idea to add a wall bed with cabinets, or even an armoire/wardrobe. This additional wall bedroom storage will ensure items stay organized and in their place, and keep your room looking neat and tidy, while simultaneously making sure that all of the items you use regularly are at your fingertips.


The Wallbeds “n” More Promise


At the Campbell Wallbeds and More showroom, we have not only an impressive number of Murphy wall bed styles for you to browse, but we can help you choose a bed for any budget. We promise to involve you in the process right from the beginning, so that you can select not only your model and color, but even the hardware and mattress to truly customize your furniture for the perfect night’s sleep.


Professional Delivery and Installation


We send our professional installation experts to safely deliver and securely mount your wall bed to the wall, so that it is safely secured and so it arrives without damaging your carpet or walls. Our wall bed furniture units are even able to be moved should you ever choose to move houses or would like to change the placement of your Murphy bed within your current home.


Contact Us for a Showroom Appointment Today!


We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and our showroom is open by appointment only so that you get the personalized service you deserve from our team members.

You can call our store at (408) 761-4732 to make an appointment to visit the showroom. We are centrally located in the Bay Area at 1350 Dell Ave, in Campbell, California. We look forward to helping you maximize any size space by adding wall bedroom storage capacity wherever you need it most!