As spring turns into summer, kids get out of school, and daylight lingers longer, many of us feel it’s the perfect time to clean up and organize our homes from the garage to the backyard shed and from the kitchen to the living room. At Wall Beds and More we’d like to offer five helpful tips to get your space organized and keep it that way so that you can get the most out of your home’s space.


#1. Start the Purge

It’s easier to get rid of clutter when you have a system set up, so before you purge, prepare! Label several garbage bags or cardboard boxes with “trash,” “donations,” and “storage” then set about de-cluttering one space at a time. When the donation box is full, make sure to drop it off at your local Goodwill or other donation center so it doesn’t sit around the house causing more clutter! We recommend popping it in the car immediately so you won’t forget while out running errands.


#2. Start Small and Stay Focused

When cleaning the house, it’s much easier to narrow down your focus to just one room, but the real trick is…even within that one room to narrow down on just one area at a time. This keeps the project manageable and helps you stay mentally focused on the task at hand.

If you’re planning on cleaning and organizing the kitchen for example, start one day with the pantry. Then, the next day, clean the spice cupboard, and the next day tidy up the dining room table. Clean the fridge the following day and finally clean out cupboards of dishes that are chipped or linens that you no longer use and set them aside for donation. Moving this way one room at a time for a few weeks, will make the tasks more manageable and keep you on track to stay organized.


#3. Create a Specific Place for Everything

While it may seem like common sense, it’s hard to pick things up and put them away if you don’t have a designated place for them to go. Whether books, toys, living room blankets, or chip clips, if everyone in the family knows where everything goes, it’s much easier to clean up. Consider getting small baskets, plastic tubs, or even drawer dividers to make a designated space for everything. Then, when the family is asked to help pitch in and put things away, it’s much easier because everything has a place.


#4. The Bins by the Stairs

If you live in a two-story house, you know that things can sometimes collect on the stairs that are meant to be taken up or down. For this reason, it’s a great idea to place a basket at the top of the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs to store items that need to go up or down as a gentle reminder for everyone in the household. Whether it’s an extra pair of shoes, sporting equipment, a backpack, laundry, or a book, setting the baskets right by the top and right by the bottom of the stairs makes everything visible and hard to forget. Not only that, but if you have one at the top and one at the bottom, you can simply carry the whole basket upstairs at once and leave it at the top and carry the top one back down, swapping them each time you go. A simple way to clean up and stay organized.


#5. Add One of Our Storage Murphy Beds to your Home and Customize it with Add-on Piers

When you buy a Murphy bed from Wall Beds and More, not only can you choose the size and style you’d like, but you can also choose “add on piers.” These are additional accessory pieces of furniture that affix to one or both sides of your Murphy bed furniture unit. The following options are available for most of our Murphy bed models, and by choosing the style and accessories that are right for you, you can customize our storage Murphy beds to organize your home. Consider adding:

  • bookcases
  • cabinets
  • shelves
  • a wardrobe/armoire
  • drawers
  • a fold-down table
  • a desk

Whether you’re looking for a wardrobe to add extra closet space to a room, or you want bookcases and shelves behind cabinet doors to create an eye-catching and uncluttered home office space, Wall Beds and More can help you choose the add-ons that make your room more functional and simplify the organizational process.


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