Our Store Is Open By Appointment Only

Our Store Is Open By Appointment Only

Having a spare bed to host guests is essential whether they be traveling to visit on short weekend getaways or longer holiday vacations. By choosing to install a murphy bed, you can avoid the cost and inconvenience of asking your guests to stay in a hotel and host them at your home instead – without giving up your spare bedroom all year-round! 

From compact chest beds to vertical wall bed home office combos, at Wallbeds n’ More in Campbell we can design the perfect furniture unit with both you and your guests in mind. Check out the top seven questions we get asked about wallbeds with helpful answers from our dedicated team of murphy bed experts.


Question: Do murphy beds have to be bolted to the wall?


Answer: It depends on the style. 


Explanation: While many of our traditional murphy bed units do get bolted to the wall for safety and stability purposes, other models exist that do not have to be affixed to anything. 

A free-standing cabinet bed is particularly helpful if you live in a rented space like a condo or apartment where you are not allowed to affix furniture to a wall. Many chest bed designs are meant to be freestanding pieces of furniture. 


Question: Will wall beds fit with my interior design style? 


Answer: Absolutely!


Explanation: Murphy beds are no longer just standard mattresses and frames that you pull down from the wall. At Wallbeds n’ More Campbell, we offer a variety of incredibly stylish and beautiful wall bed furniture.  

Each one of our wallbed furniture units can be customized to match the color and design style of your unique room. Choose from different types of wood, finish colors, along with custom storage additions and hardware including your choice of knobs, drawer pulls, and cabinet door styles. 


Question: Are murphy beds easy to take down and put back into the wall? 


Answer: At Wallbeds n’ More they are!


Explanation: We offer different size beds – from twin wall beds to queen size murphy beds, and each one is extremely easy to raise and lower. With our innovative and safe system you can easily raise and lower your wall bed down from the wall and back up again. No need to worry about pinching fingers or hurting your back. Check out our video here to see how simple it is! 


Question: Will I lose wall space with the addition of a murphy bed? 


Answer: Not necessarily. 


Explanation:  Because modern murphy beds have evolved to be complete furniture systems, you can add shelving, cabinets, desks, pull down tables, or even bookcases that slide apart to reveal the hidden wall bed. 

There’s no need to worry about losing wall space for other furniture when your entire murphy bed unit can be built to feature whatever you need against the wall. Add additional storage or even a full size armoire/wardrobe to add closet space to the room. 

Many styles also have the ability to mount a picture or artwork behind the headboard when the bed folds down from the wall.


Question: Are wall beds comfortable?


Answer: Ours are!


Explanation: At Wallbeds n’ More in Campbell our hidden beds are extremely comfortable and made to support a standard size mattress of up to 11 inches thick. 

Because each of our wall-mounted bed frames come separate from the mattress, you can choose the firmness or softness level you prefer along with the size that makes you and your guests most comfortable. Our innovative wall bed frame designs ensure that your mattress is fully supported so that it can support you with optimum comfort. 


Question: Who are murphy beds made for? 


Answer: Everyone who loves extra space and functionality.


Explanation: Murphy beds are made for anyone who wants to add dual functionality to a room or common space in their home while keeping the comforts of a guest room on hand for any visitors. 

Whether you live in an apartment, condominium, townhouse, or own your own home, wall beds are space-saving inventions that add convenience and style to any home. If you have an attic or basement room, or mother-in-law quarters, they are also a great way to maximize that typically small addition and make a separate, private living area for visitors. 


Question: Do I have to take everything off of the shelves before folding down my wallbed bookcase? 


Answer: Surprisingly, no! 


Explanation: With our Library Wallbed and our desk beds, the shelving is made to either stay put or slide to the side so that you don’t have to move a single thing before the bed folds down. An excellent way to maximize storage while maintaining comfort. 


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